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What is The Math Path Affiliate Program?


The Math Path Affiliate Program is our way of acknowledging you for the business you send our way.  We want to share what we earn when you help us expand our reach and impact by referring your friends and colleagues to your favorite memberships and products.

Are there any guidelines?

We do have three rules that will help affiliates represent The Math Path in ethical ways.  Most affiliate programs embrace these as well:

                 1.  Spam tactics are not tolerated.  Spam is unethical and illegal.  Please only

                      link with people who have opted into your list or are choosing to receive

                      information (emails) from you;

                  2.  No offensive content.  Affiliate links cannot be promoted on any sites with

                       potenitally offensive content (including pornography, racism, etc.);

                  3.  Your affiliate link is only to be used by people you refer.  You cannot

                       use your affiliate link to earn commission on purchases you make.  The 

                       objective of our affiliate program is to pay you for referring The Math Path

                       to others.



How does it work?

Once you sign the SIGN UP HERE link, you will be directed to a page where you can enter the information that we will need to get your established as an affiliate.  After we have a chance to review your application (normally within 24 hours), you will recieve an email from us letting you know your status.

If approved as an affiliate, you will receive your login ID (Username) and password which will give you access to all of our affiliate program materials.  We recommend you keep you login ID/username and password in a safe place (such as a special folder) for fast and easy reference.

As soon as you recieve your login ID/username and password, we recommend you login and take a look around at all you can promote.  You will want to get started immediately!

All you need to do is take the unique affiliate link that was sent to you via email, choose the ad text from the Affiliate Program system, and then place the link on your website or in an email.  You will see that the affiliate link that has been created for you has a special series of numbers in it.  These uniquely identify you as the source of a sale. This link is tracked by our system, which automatically tracks all the sales referred by you!  That's how we know how many "appreciation" dollars to send each month!

Have additional questions?  Please read through our FAQs.

"I am very excited that you are going to be an affiliate. I am deeply touched that you believe in the products and services provided to help children be their very best in regard to learning mathematics.  Just click on the following link, Join Affiliates, and you will start making money today!"


Cheryl (Sherry) Hecht,



Cheryl (Sherry) Hecht, M.Ed., creator of

"Moms are Mathletes" and "The Math Path" is a former classroom teacher,adjunct professor, and gifted specialist. She is one of four authors of the first rural charter school in Nevada, Elko Institute for Academic Achievement.