A Membership for Parents

Who Want More

for Their Children

than Rote Memorization

of Random Math Facts


"Only in mathematics and physics was I, through self study, far beyond the school curriculum." - Albert Einstein

My Path

"Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice

makes perfect." - Vince Lombardi

Here are 12 benefits you will receive as a member of The Math Path...



Positive, Anxiety Free Learning - Every 10 days members receive lessons and activities that include tips on working with your child, questions and suggestions on how to critically think through problems, i.e. "Oh, would you show me how you found your answer?"



Lessons are personal - each of us has our own learning styles, readiness, and interests; our lessons tap into those three components and your child moves along at her or his pace.  Lessons are not by grade level; they are written for three levels - beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

All for one low price.




Learn the basics - math lessons that build upon one another. Why miss important pieces and have to go back to relearn?  We walk before we run.



Practice - Foundational lessons and activities that provide practice whenever and where ever you and your child or children choose.



Real-life application - Students begin each lesson by completing real-life activities.  These activities help students discover how math works, patterns mathematics uses, and when math properties can be used to solve complex problems that are more abstract (at the advanced level).



Deep Understanding - Students interact with the activities so they self-discover patterns and truths about mathematics; rote memorization is not the focus of our lessons.



50% off Cheryl's public teleseminars & webinars.  For example, Cheryl invites colleagues and members to share their expertise in learning not only mathematics but so much more.



Free access to brand new publications, such as

  • special reports,
  • articles,
  • Math Tips for all types of math learners

and much more opportunities to support positive learning of mathematics



A special The Math Path blog where ideas, questions, successes, and solutions are posted on topics related to learning styles, anxiety, critical thinking, patterns, children's reactions to lessons, and so much more!




Individual Consultation & Coaching with Cheryl, available for The Math Path members at a special price.  Learn more by going to the webpage with details about the various coaching packages available.  Members choose the package that works best for them and then are able to reserve that time.



Email Events that will take place twice per month where you can receive timely feedback from Cheryl in response to your questions, situations, or issues you submit via email.



Call-In times offered each and every month, which allows you to share, ask questions, and listen to other like-minded, exceptionally dedicated parents around the country.

"Because students will necessarily come to any learning experience with

different learning strategies and prior experiences successful teachers

must know how to create experiences that let students access ideas in a

variety of ways yet always press for deeper and more

disciplined understanding."

- Linda Darling-Hammond, The Right to Learn

Jay S, "She (Mrs. Hecht) doesn't leave kids behind.  I have trouble in math, and she helped me if I needed it.  I was intimidated by math before this class.  Now it is easy for me." Applied Math 108, GBC

"Learning occurred from the start to the end.  She (Mrs. Hecht) always helped you when you needed it and has patience with you." - Woodrow T., Applied Math 108, GBC